Should I Discuss My Personal Injury Claim With an Insurance Adjuster?

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It is likely after an individual is involved in an auto collision, an insurance adjuster will attempt to speak with you about the incident and your injuries. It is important to understand the risks of speaking to an insurance adjuster. Adjusters will try to discredit your claims and minimize the severity of your injuries to reach a quick settlement. If you were injured in an auto accident, you should strongly consider hiring an experienced Prince George’s County Auto Accident Lawyer. Our firm can help you successfully converse with an insurance adjuster.

What Does an Insurance Adjuster Do?

An insurance adjuster represents the insurance company you are filing a personal injury claim against. Adjusters approach victims in hopes of persuading them to admit some degree of fault for the auto accident that caused their injuries. They will try to minimize your injuries to decrease the amount of money you can recover from damages. They essentially gather information about the accident and determine a settlement. Adjusters are not on your side, they are looking at every aspect of your claim to reduce the amount they owe you for your injuries. They use various tactics like inspecting your vehicle, using surveillance, and showing up unannounced. They will go to great lengths to discredit your claim.

What Will an Insurance Adjuster Offer me?

You should never settle immediately with an insurance adjuster. Initially, after an auto accident, an adjuster will offer you a lowball settlement. They want a quick settlement because it saves them a substantial amount of money and time. Adjusters will approach uninformed individuals within the first few days of the accident to catch you in a vulnerable position. They want to offer you a small amount before you understand how much your personal injury claim may be worth.

What Types of Questions Will an Insurance Adjuster Ask Me?

An adjuster will ask you misleading questions to try to make you omit some fault. They will ask you for information about the accident and how you suffered your injury. Only tell an adjuster your basic personal information. You don’t want to reveal any unnecessary details that an adjuster could potentially use against you. You should refrain from discussing your opinion of the incident and stick to the facts. Adjusters will try to use confusing language to intimidate you. This is why you need an attorney experienced in negotiating with insurance adjusters. Don’t hesitate to contact a Prince George’s County Personal Injury Attorney who can help you successfully conquer speaking with an insurance adjuster after an auto accident.

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