How Can Road Conditions Impact Car Accident Liability?

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Sometimes car accident cases are cut and dry. One driver makes a mistake or acts negligently, and they can be blamed for the crash. However, sometimes other factors can complicate matters. For example, road conditions can also impact car accident liability. A Prince George’s County car accident lawyer can help you figure out who should be held responsible for that.

What Kinds of Road Conditions Can Cause Accidents?

There are many types of road conditions that can at least contribute to a car accident, if not outright cause one. Some conditions are temporary, others are caused by damage to the road itself, and others could just be the product of poor design and overview. Potential contributors to crashes include:

  • Rain, snow, and other inclement weather
  • Debris left in the road
  • A lack of guardrails or dividers
  • Large cracks or potholes in the road
  • Poor lighting at intersections
  • Sand or loose gravel
  • Construction zones

Who Can Be Held Responsible For Road Conditions?

Now, it’s obviously tough to sue someone over the rain or similar weather conditions, but you could use these conditions and another driver’s behavior when faced with them to bolster your case. For example, if the driver who hit you was speeding, you could make a potent argument for their negligence if it was raining or foggy. That driver should have known better and behaved in a safer manner.

If some other road conditions helped cause your accident, that could mean another liable party for your case. If a construction company acted irresponsibly, leaving out debris that could cause accidents or damage to vehicles, then they should be held responsible. On the other hand, if a huge pothole causes a car to hit another vehicle because the town or city has been lazy about doing necessary road repairs, then it may be possible to sue the local government.

How Long Do I Have to Sue After a Car Accident?

How long you have to sue can vary based on where the accident happened and who was responsible for the road conditions that helped cause your crash. In Maryland and Washington, D.C., accident victims have three years to bring forward a lawsuit. If the crash happened in Virginia, you have two years to take legal action.

Things can be more complicated if the government is a potential defendant though. This is because there are specific rules about how you can sue a city, state, or municipality for compensation. You must file a claim with the government first. Maryland gives you one year to submit your claim while D.C. and Virginia require notice within six months. The process and requirements for each state can differ, but a lawyer from our firm can help you make your claim before any important deadlines pass you by.

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