What should I do after being hurt in a car accident in Maryland?

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Auto accident injuries are far too common, and anyone who regularly takes to the road always has a chance of getting into an accident. We understand that this is a scary and stressful event that leaves people feeling uprooted. Our job is to protect you from any implications of fault while fighting for the compensation that you deserve. Give a Prince George’s County car accident lawyer today so we can begin fighting for you.

What should I do after being injured in a car accident?

Following a car accident, your priority should be to tend to your health. Call the police so that you can receive medical attention and, if possible, begin documenting the incident for insurance purposes. The steps to follow after being injured in a car accident are as follows:

  • Call 911
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver
  • Attain the contact information of a witness
  • Take pictures of the damage done to all vehicles involved
  • Keep medical documents for your record

Remember to limit contact with the other driver following the accident, and never say sorry. Anything you say pertaining to the accident can be used against you. So as a precaution, we advise you to keep as much distance as possible and consult a Prince George’s County auto accident lawyer for more information.

What is the statute of limitations for a car accident in Maryland?

Being injured in a car accident due to the actions of a negligent driver could mean that you’re entitled to financial compensation. However, if you want compensation for your injuries, then you must act fast. Many people choose to let their injuries heal before deciding to pursue legal action, but this can result in a person missing their opportunity to act. In Maryland, the statute of limitations for a car accident claim is generally three years. If three years pass from the date of the accident, then you will be barred from pursuing legal action. Act fast and don’t lose what you’re rightfully owed.

How can a personal injury attorney help me?

Being injured in a car accident means that you may be entitled to compensation. However, this depends on a variety of factors, including fulfilling the burden of proof and meeting the statute of limitations. If you were to hire a Prince George’s County auto accident attorney, we could help you navigate these circumstances. Our job is to make this process simple and efficient while helping you fight for compensation. If you believe that we can help you, don’t hesitate to call.

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