What Are the Risks of Settling a Car Accident Claim Too Quickly?

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When you make a car accident claim, the insurance company will often come back with a settlement offer. It can seem like enough money, so it’s tempting to take it. We do not recommend this though. You could end up leaving a lot of money on the table when you take this first offer. A Prince George’s County auto accident lawyer can advise you on what you should do.

Why Would I Be Tempted to Settle a Car Accident Claim Early?

Many people seriously consider taking the first offer from the insurance company, and we can understand why. Maybe you think that the settlement will be more than enough to compensate you for the accident. Or maybe you just don’t want to draw things out and potentially go to court over an accident.

This is rarely your best option though, and we’ll tell you why.

Why Shouldn’t I Settle My Car Accident Claim?

When you settle your car accident claim, that’s it. This matter is considered taken care of. If you get a settlement and later realize that you have way more in medical expenses than you expected to, you don’t get to sue for more compensation. You settled. The insurance company’s obligation to you is all done.

If you want to preserve your options, you cannot settle. You have to sue for damages. This can help you secure a better compensation offer, one that addresses your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and everything else that you have experienced as a result of this accident.

Can an Attorney Help Me?

An attorney can help you with your car accident claim in a few key ways. They can:

Gather evidence: Whether there was surveillance footage of the accident or there are eyewitnesses who can back up your story, your attorney will use everything that they can to help you build a case.

Defend you from accusation of wrongdoing: In some cases, an insurance company will try to argue that their driver was not the only one who contributed to the accident. They will try to blame you and say that you were partly at fault. Your lawyer will do their best to shoot this argument down.

Connect you with expert witnesses: Your lawyer has a network of expert witnesses that they can use to strengthen your case. A medical expert can talk about your injuries and road to recovery. A vocational rehabilitation expert can make it clear what kind of work will be required to get you healthy enough to go back to your job. There are even accident recreation specialists who can show how a crash may have occurred and who should be blamed.

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