Can Retailers Be Held Liable For Selling Defective Products?

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Defective products can cause serious injuries. In situations like these, it’s not just the manufacturer of a product that should be held liable. Retailers bear some responsibility for the products that they sell too. If you were injured by a defective product, a Prince George’s County defective product lawyer from our firm can help you hold all liable parties responsible for the harm that they have caused.

When Should Retailers Be Held Accountable for Selling Defective Products?

There are three broad categories of defects that commonly result in product liability cases:

Design defect: The product was designed in a way that made it unsafe. A power tool with a useless guard or a structurally unstable chest of drawers that could fall over when filled are good examples.

Manufacturing defect: The design of the product is safe, but something went wrong in the factory. A missing part or the usage of incorrect materials can make a product unsafe to use.

Failure to warn: A product has some potential side effects, but the user is never warned about it. A medication that causes drowsiness should be labeled. If it is not and someone takes the medication before operating heavy machinery or a vehicle, someone could easily get hurt. The product works as intended, but it’s still a danger.

How Should Retailers Compensate Victims in Product Liability Cases?

An insurer might offer you a check if you have been injured by a defective product, but these first settlement offers are rarely sufficient. An attorney from our firm can help you sue retailers and other defendants for the compensation that you deserve. Your settlement should help with medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any of the other economic and non-economic costs of this accident.

How Can a Lawyer Help Sue Retailers?

An attorney can advocate for you at every step of the legal process. They can:

  • Calculate fair compensation
  • Field settlement offers
  • Talk to lawyers and other involved parties for you
  • Use the testimony of medical and manufacturing experts to strengthen your case
  • Show a link between your injuries and the defective product
  • Remind you of important court dates and deadlines

Will I Have to Go to Trial?

If you are nervous about testifying in open court, we understand. You should know that many personal injury cases do not actually end up progressing that far. Many of them settle.

However, if you do end up going to court you are in good hands with our law firm. We will prepare you for testimony, defend you from accusations of wrongdoing, and build a case that can win in court if needed.

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