Why You Should Seek Medical Attention After an Accident

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Keep in mind that seeking medical attention after an accident is one of the most important steps you can take. Read on to learn more and speak with a skilled and dedicated Prince George’s County personal injury attorney today. Our legal team can help you.

Do I need to seek medical attention after an accident in Maryland?

If you were hurt because of the negligence of another and would like to seek legal action to obtain the compensation you need to heal and move forward, it is critical that you obtain prompt medical attention. Below are just some of the reasons why this is so important:

  • Protect your health: The significance of seeing a doctor after an accident may be clear when your injuries are severe. However, if you do not think you have been injured, or in the event that your injuries appear to be minor, it can be tempting to not have a medical professional evaluate your situation. But apparently minor symptoms can indicate a serious injury, and whatever is wrong has the potential to get worse if left treated. Essentially, you should seek immediate medical attention after an accident if you feel even the smallest level of discomfort or pain.
  • To document your injuries: If you end up filing an injury-related insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, you will need evidence to back up your claims. Not only will the other side (the person at fault for the accident, and/or their insurer or lawyer) want more than your word as to the origin and extent of your injuries, but until you see a medical professional, you will not need to have a whole view of your injury. The documentation is particularly important because, without it, it’s very difficult to obtain compensation for your injuries.
  • To establish causation: The longer you wait to see a doctor after an accident, the easier it is for someone else (like the insurance adjuster) to claim that your injury wasn’t caused by the accident.
  • Medical attention may be needed for insurance reasons: If you were hurt in a car accident, recognize that some states mandate that you see a doctor before specific kinds of car insurance coverage can take effect. Particularly, some no-fault car insurance states need individuals to see a competent medical professional within a certain amount of time after the accident.

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