What Should I Know About Long-Term Care After an Accident?

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If you were seriously hurt in an accident, you may not have a quick or easy road to recovery. This means that you don’t just have to concern yourself with your current medical costs. You also have to think about your long-term care. A Prince George’s County auto accident lawyer can help you fight for a compensation offer that has been calculated with those long-term care needs in mind.

How Can I Learn About My Long-Term Care Needs?

After an accident, you should visit a doctor or hospital as soon as you can. This can allow you to learn more about the extent of your injuries and what your road to recovery looks like. If you are going to need long-term care for serious injuries, you can learn that now and prepare.

A long-term care plan often requires a lot of rehabilitation. What kind you need can depend on what kind of injuries you suffered in your accident. Someone with a broken leg could require physical therapy that helps them walk again. An accident victim with a traumatic brain injury may need help regaining their ability to speak clearly. These treatments all have a cost, even with health insurance, so it’s important to think about how you can secure compensation that would help with these expenses.

As an added benefit, getting care right away can help you with your personal injury case. Sometimes plaintiffs wait too long to receive care, and this allows the insurance company to accuse them of lying about your injuries or where you got them. Getting care right away can fend off this line of attack.

Can I Sue For Long-Term Care Costs?

You can sue for medical expenses after an accident, but you are not limited to just suing for damages that would cover the medical bills that have already piled up. You can make a case for receiving compensation for long-term care costs as well.

Expert witnesses can help here. Doctors, long-term care providers, and other medical professionals could testify about your condition and what kinds of treatments you will continue to need. Whether you need rehab, surgeries, or mental health services, these costs should be covered by the person who caused the accident, not you.

Do I Need an Attorney?

An attorney from our firm would be happy to assist you with your case. We can handle the paperwork and fight for the compensation you deserve while you spend your time with your loved ones and focus on recovering. Navigating the legal system can be hard, but an experienced personal injury lawyer can make suing for long-term care costs and other damages less stressful.

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