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What should I know about elder driver accidents in Maryland? | Prince George’s Auto Accident Attorney

A common misconception about elderly drivers is that they drive safer than younger motorists because they tend to drive slower. However, that is not the case. As a person ages, their driving abilities are significantly reduced due to certain medical conditions they may develop. Elder drivers may experience decreased vision,…
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How important is it to wear a seatbelt?

When a collision occurs, individuals are faced with catastrophic injuries. However, those injuries could turn fatal if an individual neglected to wear a seatbelt. If an individual does not have their seatbelt buckled they will likely be ejected from the vehicle. Seatbelts secure individuals to their seats. They are crucial…
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How do airbags work?

If you or someone you love has been involved in a collision due to negligence, reach out to one of our experienced and skilled team members. Our firm is committed to helping our clients recover reasonable economic and non-economic damages.

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soft tissue injury

What is a soft tissue injury?

Have you suffered a soft tissue injury due to someone else's negligence? Read this blog to learn more about soft tissue injuries.

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man with broken arm working at desk with paper in hand

Can I appeal a worker’s compensation award in Maryland?

Are you looking to appeal a workers' compensation award? Read on and contact our adept legal team to learn when you can challenge an award.

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insurance adjuster car accident

How do insurance companies determine fault in a car accident in Maryland?

This blog explores how insurance companies determine fault in a car accident. Please read on to learn what factors they consider.

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